Making Liquid Transport Easy

Our flexitank service offers you safe and cost-effective transport for liquid non-hazardous liquid bulk. With our team of specialized technicians arranging everything from container selection all the way to overseeing the cargo loading at factory we ensure ease of mind.




What is a Flexitank?

A flexitank is a liquid bulk transport unit made of multiple layers of polyethylene which is used in the transportation of different liquid cargoes. A Flexibag is alternative option for Isotank containers which allows clients to load liquid bulk into standard 20ft dry container. Fleixtanks have different capacities that range from 16,000 to 24,000 litres depending on the specific density of each cargo.


  • We have our own dedicated facility to arrange flexitanks fittings.
  • We have our own dedicated and professional team of technicians with over eight years of experience in handling different cargoes loaded in flexitanks.
  • 24/7 follow up service in case any issues arise or technicians needed for additional services (cross loading etc.)
  • We always have flexitanks in stock for your goods.