Offering Global Standards

LATT is a licensed warehouse and yard operator in the port of Dekheila (Alexandria) with about 37,000 square meters of warehouses and yards inside the bonded port area. We handle import, export, and transit cargos in a reliable and cost effective manner that meet our customers’ needs. We guarantee to provide you with the perfect warehousing and storage services with the most suitable equipment to handle your parcels.

LATT offers professional warehousing services for a wide range of cargos specifically project cargo, containers, palletized cargo, .. etc.

General Cargo Warehouse

LATT warehouse is located inside El Dekheila port and licensed by the Port Authority and the Egyptian customs as bonded store inside the port; Total warehouse area is about 1600 Sq meters.

  • All the yards / Warehouse are gated with 24/7 security in place.
  • Firefighting Equipment.
  • Insurance policy against risks indicated in the policy.
  • Mobile Ramp to discharge the containers directly from the truck.
  • Forklift to lift and move parcles.
  • Warehouse and yards are bonded and inside the port.

Grains Warehouse

LATT has extended its arm in the grains logistics industry by building warehouses in the Dekheila Port to service all grains entering Egypt. We offer three separate storage units with a total capacity of approximately 100,000MT. By doing this we now offer to complete all duties once ship arrives in port including:

  • discharging
  • transport from vessel to warehouse
  • warehousing
  • Packaging and discharging.

Container Yards

Our container depot is located inside the port of Alexandria (El-Dekheila) , we offer full depot services including container storage and container damage inspection. Yard facilities:


Yard facilities:

  • Empty/Full containers storage.
  • Customs inspection
  • Full container striping if need un-stuffing and storing inside the warehouse
  • LATT manages to do all customs formalities for transferring the container from terminals to our yards.
  • The possibility of securing the re-stuffing of containers for customs inspection in the same day of applying the request.